Throughout our lives we are trained up to “be our best selves,” to “live our best lives,” and to “make ourselves better.” But it’s all based on a broken world’s view on what is “better.” And this can often leave us wondering, “Is there something more? Is there something better than this life?”

So often, we all fall into a time where we don’t know how we got here or where to go next. We feel lost, depressed, broken, hurt, and sometimes trapped. Our world isn’t what we’d hoped for or dreamed of. It’s really more of a nightmare, surrounded by broken promises, broken relationships, and broken hearts.

 Is there something more?

 In John chapter 4, a Samaritan woman is living this exact life. She’s not from the right country, she’s not living the right kind of life, she’s not acting the way culture wants her to act. She’s a mess. And yet, as she comes to a well to get water for herself and her family, she meets someone who offers more than she ever could have imagined.

 What’s even crazier, this man offers this gift AND THEN reveals that he knows ALL of the messed-up parts of her life. Right there in the middle of the day, in front of a well, where anyone could hear, this man tells this poor woman about all of her broken relationships, all of her poor choices, all of the horrible things she’s experienced, and yet, never once denies her this gift.

 In spite of her brokenness, he offered eternal life.

 We at Pilgrim believe that everyone comes to Jesus as this Samaritan woman did here. We come nervous about what could happen next, without answers, without a direction, without real security in our lives. We come to Jesus as lost people, having done everything possible to lose the gift of His love, and yet, in spite of ourselves, He continues to pursue us, to love us, and to offer us the same gift of eternal life.

 But we’re all at different points in the story.

 Some of us are the woman before she meets Jesus. Trapped in a life that doesn’t offer us anything sustainable. Some of us have met Jesus but aren’t sure whether he’s the real deal. And some of us are totally bought in and know that because of his death on the cross and resurrection three days later we, through our faith in him, have that eternal life he promises (Romans 10:9).

 Regardless of where you are in the story, we want you to know two very important things:

 1. No matter what you’ve done or has been done to you, Jesus wants you, He loves you, and He pursues you.

2. We are here to join you in any way we can!

 If you’re reading this, hopefully you’ve already encountered our #LeaveItAtTheWall team, prayed with them, and been able to #LeaveItAtTheWall yourself! If you haven’t, one of the quickest ways we can join your story is in prayer, and we would love to be able to do that.

Please send us your prayers with as much or as little information as you’d like, and our team and church will pray with you as you move forward in your own story, and if you’d like to know more about this Jesus and what he has to offer you, please reach out to us, we’d love to share everything we can! But at the very least, we’d like to invite you to send us your prayers, your joys, your worries, whatever it is, and join us as we #LeaveItAtTheWall.