Life Groups

Launching this month!

*** Sign Up will Open on September 8***

Above the Chaos

Once a month on a Sunday at 12:30pm starting Sept. 22

The stresses of the day to day grind, meeting the needs of young kids, while keeping a marriage healthy can be a daunting task in 2019. The Kenley’s find joy in the small and simple blessings that God gives in the middle of the mess. The Kenley’s love Jesus and seek His clarity above the chaos. Join the Kenley Family as they walk with Jesus.

These two have a heart for their generation of young women who are seeking to navigate the crazy waters of culture, relationships, dating, family and the first years of marriage. Piece of cake! If you are a young woman seeking to find community with Godly women who desire to see Jesus be at the very center of your life, this is your group. Join Karess & Bri as they walk with Jesus.

The Dude

Meeting on the 1ST, 3RD, & 5TH TUESDAYS From 8 A.M- 9:15A.M AT FIOZA

By dudes for dudes. There aren’t many environments where men can truly be honest. This is one of them. This study and gathering of men on Tuesday mornings is a time of open, honest conversation and prayer based on a book or bible study. This time is meant to challenge and encourage men to be Godly men in culture. All generations welcomed and encouraged. Join Josh and Jeff as they walk with Jesus.

Through the Noise

Meeting the 2nd and 4th Sundays from 4:30pm to 6pm

Working in upper levels of corporate leadership and management requires endless travel, demanding schedules, long hours and high pressure. Add to the mix, trying to guide kids on the cusp of pre-teen life, while also keeping a marriage healthy is no easy challenge. The Palm’s love Jesus and seek to keep Him above and beyond the noise. Join the Palm Family as they walk with Jesus.

Up Next

Meeting on Fridays at 7pm starting September 20

Two working parents, two preteen kids and one senior in high school is a life of seemingly constant change and adjustments. This couple loves Jesus, loves their kids and trusts God in the unknown and the what’s next of life. If you sense that your life is in transition or change, this couple gets it more than most. Join the Hervat Family as they walk with Jesus

The Walk

Meeting on the 1st & 3rd Sundays at 3:30pm

Married with three kids at 5 years of age and younger is not easy. In fact, it might just be crazy! This couple seeks to keep Jesus in the center of their marriage and family. If you are looking for an opportunity to enjoy an open and honest conversation about the challenges of marriage, family and raising kids in this culture, then this is the gathering for you. Join the Duffy’s as they walk with Jesus.

In Depth

Meeting on Wednesdays at 7pm in The Pilgrim Parish Hall

This retired couple has a zeal and thirst for the depth of God’s Word, the cultural and historical nuances of the context surrounding God’s Word and ultimately the expansion of His Kingdom in our present age. The Fritz’s love people to engage in their study of all ages and backgrounds. Join the Fritz’s as they walk with Jesus.

This married young professional couple sees Jesus in the pursuit of achieving higher education degrees while establishing roots professionally and relationally in Houston. It’s a lot of starts and firsts in their lives, but it all comes back to their faith in Jesus. Join the Sowell’s as they walk with Jesus.

The Start

Meeting on Wednesdays from 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Dive In

Meeting on Wednesdays from 6pm -8pm starting September 11

This young couple could best be described as, “eclectic”! They love Jesus and they love people. And that is exactly what you will sense when you are around this couple. Be prepared to be loved, accepted and get into deep spiritual conversation. Their group casts a wide range of generations and ages present at their gathering. Join the Tubbs’ as they walk with Jesus.